Accessibility Assessor : Non-Mouse

Years with Shaw

Disability with a little background

I have cerebral palsy quadriplegic which affects the four limbs of my body. This doesn’t get me down. In fact it is the reason why I am so passionate about disability.

Previous work or background

I have never held a paid job up until now. All my work has been carried out on a voluntary basis with disability rights and equality at the forefront. I qualified as a disability equality tutor in March 2012. I feel that I have gained a wealth of knowledge since then. The training that I undertook helped me to realise that my disability will never change, and I have used those methods going forward.

Why are you proud to be part of the Accessibility Team?

I feel that I can help to begin to change society’s perception of disability. I can help individuals and professionals alike to understand the authentic concept of disability, not only for now but also for the future. For that reason, I am proud to be a part of the accessibility team here at Shaw Trust.

Why does accessibility matter?

I feel that accessibility is very important as accessible technology is being used more and more by people with disabilities. Therefore, it is vital that organisations do all they can to make sure that their websites are as inclusive as possible and provide a good experience for users.

How do clients benefit from your input?

My role within the accessibility services team sees me testing websites using both a keyboard only method and Dragon software. This is a dictation software for people with little hand use or dexterity. Clients can be sure that they are receiving the benefit of my personal experience.