Business Co-ordinator

Years with Shaw

Disability with a little background

Although I have been partially deaf in one ear since birth I do not consider this to be a disability, as it has not really affected my life.

Previous work or background

I have always worked in finance roles until I joined Accessibility Services in 2020, although I did return to University as a mature student to study law.

Why are you proud to be part of the Accessibility Team?

I believe that the talents and experience that every member of the team possesses are enhanced when we work together, and enables us to produce something special.

Why does accessibility matter?

I believe that everybody has a right to take an active part in society. Life shouldn’t be limited by disability. At Accessibility Services I believe that we play our part in making this happen.

How do clients benefit from your input?

I deal with our clients when they are at the beginning of their accessibility journey. It is my job to provide them with information about the services they require, and then maintain a link between them and our technical team.