The Shaw Trust Accessibility Services team offers support to ensure that your website is accessible from the outset.

Rather than building a site and then working retroactively to make it accessible, our Design and Template Reviews service enables you to make accessibility an integral aspect of your digital services.

Accessibility Design and Template Reviews

Our experienced technical team works alongside you during the design phase of your website. Shaw Trust Accessibility Services staff team has a combined experience of more than 30 years when it comes to accessibility issues and adaptive technology. This expertise is yours to tap into from the beginning of your digital project.

Whether working with wireframes, flat designs or images, our team can help to predict potential digital accessibility issues and provide constructive solutions to head off problems before they arise. This can save you time and money in the longer term, as implementing changes during the design phase is often easier than attempting them on a live site.

Our recommendations are provided in the form of a clear, easy to understand report that includes detailed information on the solutions needed to ensure that your web platform complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Our experienced team is also available to meet with you virtually or in person in order to go through the recommendations and how you can implement them.

The Design and Template Review service consists of two core components. The template testing phase ensures that your digital services are accessible in terms of their functionality. Meanwhile, the design review phase considers issues such as layout, colour and copy, ensuring that you have the knowledge required to build a fully accessible site from the ground up.

Shaw Trust Accessibility Service staff work alongside your team in order to develop an accessible solution. We aim to minimise your costs and share knowledge with your in-house team, allowing you to embrace accessibility as a fundamental factor in your website’s development.

For more details, please contact the team on 0300 123 7005

Remember one small step can make a huge impact

Did you know?

  • Many disabled people, of which there are around 11.9 million in the UK (almost 1 in 5), require specialist knowledge and tools to help them access all the benefits the internet has to offer.
  • The UK disabled consumer market comprises over 10 million disabled people with a combined annual spend of £80bn.

Source: DWP Family Resources Survey 2013-14