Free Accessibility Snapshot

  • Accessibility Lite is a free service that reveals your website’s basic level of accessibility. The service is a useful tool to evaluate your web platform and provides an idea on how accessible it is.

Digital Accessibility

  • Our Accessibility Assessment is a rigorous testing process that thoroughly examines the accessibility of your digital services. It incorporates testing on mobile and/or tablet devices as well as on desktop computers.

  • We can provide our customers with real insights into the user experience of their services, with our in-house testing team.

  • Rather than building a site and then working retrospectively to make it accessible, our Design and Template Reviews service enables you to make accessibility an integral aspect of your digital services.

  • It’s easy to overlook media such as pdfs and word documents, videos and images. Using our media services ensures all your services are accessible.

  • Our subscription package ensures your platforms are regularly tested for accessibility ensuring your users or customers have a continuous, accessible, online experience.

Digital Consultancy