As an organisation working to improve the impact of the charity sector, we share a lot of our work and insights free online. It’s really important to us that these are accessible as possible, so whoever needs them can use them. We know we haven’t been following best practice on this, so we decided to look around for help. The Shaw Trust appealed to us as an organisation that seems embedded in these issues, and who would provide the insight we needed. I thought we would get expert advice on a range of digital accessibility needs and that’s exactly what they gave us. The day-long training was comprehensive, and gave us a taste at all the issues at hand. This enabled us to think through how we would prioritise and fix where we are falling short. This is ongoing work for us, and it isn’t easy. But thanks to the Shaw Trust we’re going into it much better informed, and more convinced than ever that this is important work. Communications Manager - Think NPC