Accessibility Assessor: Keyboard Only

Years with Shaw


Disability with a little background

I have an Arnold Chari malformation and a Syringomyelia of the spine, which causes a lack of mobility. I also have a clawed hand which is caused by the lack of nerve endings on the left hand side of my body.

Previous work or background

Port Talbot Council, R.A.F, Sony, West Glamorgan Housing, TRACS, National Autism Society, Shaw Trust.
I have worked in a number of different jobs working as an individual or as a team member. I have enjoyed each of the jobs in different ways but what I enjoyed most is the number of friends I have made along the way.

Why are you proud to be part of the Accessibility Team?

Being a member of a team and working with a team with different disabilities has opened my eyes to the world outside my house.

Why does accessibility matter?

I like to help people who have a disability to interact with the person of their choice and gain knowledge through their computer.

How do clients benefit from your input?

I feel if every client uses the information we have supplied their websites will greatly help not only the disabled user but every user that accesses their web site.