Our accessibility snapshot is a free service that reveals your website’s basic level of accessibility. This service is designed to evaluate your web platform and provide feedback on how accessible it is.

A snapshot is the perfect starting point when setting out to make your website more accessible.

If you would like your digital services to be accessible to all, regardless of ability, disability, age or impairment, then our free snapshot service can help to shape your strategy. The service includes a review of your website by technical experts. Their detailed analysis is presented in an accessible PDF with visual examples. An explanation of any accessibility errors is included.

The report can inform any development or design work that you wish to undertake to make your web platform more accessible. Both the assessment and the resulting report are provided free of charge. A feedback session is also available to help you understand the snapshot content and what to do next.

Shaw Trust Accessibility Services provides the snapshot service at no cost because supporting organisations in creating accessible environments is really important to us. In supporting you, we are supporting the development of a more inclusive world.

The snapshot service can be provided for any website or digital service. Accessibility issues cross all sectors of society, so every web platform can benefit from our well established review process.

The snapshot service can help you identify how accessible your current digital platforms are, the types of accessibility challenges that people face and the impact that a non-accessible web platform can have. Our goal is to provide you with the information that will enable you to make the right decisions when it comes to your online presence.

Please contact Shaw Trust Accessibility Services for further details and to arrange your snapshot.  Our team will be happy to support you as you progress along the journey of making your digital services more accessible.

Did you know?

Internet users have grown by 82% over the last 5 years. This trend increases the need to make sure websites are accessible to all.

In the UK, only 41% of disabled people use the Internet, compared to 75% of non-disabled people (Miller, M. / Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), 2010.