In the two previous lockdown blogs I spoke about the impact on all of us along with similarities in what some people have to put up with every day, the difficulties in some communications and also access to technologies and the internet.

However, there are going to be a lot of changes when things get back to normal, or a new normal. Things will change due to the virus. This may be a headache for a lot of people within the UK, but yet it could be a perfect opportunity to increase accessibility throughout society.

Lockdown – What Changes?

Holidays Abroad

Flights may be difficult to get and cruises will take some time to get back to normal and that is only if people are confident with the situation.

Shops and Shopping

There are a lot of shops on the high-street closing due to the lockdown as costs such as rent, business rates and wages are becoming more difficult to pay due to lack of opportunity to generate income.  

Accessible New Environment

If they have a website this may have cushioned the blow a little. This is a good time to become more innovative and rethink business models. Find new customers as a means of future-proofing their marketplace.

My thinking is there will be more people holidaying in the UK and shopping online even more. People who resisted the online food shop are getting used to it under lockdown and are likely to continue to use it for convenience sake. Transport methods are putting in place social distancing provision, making it safer to travel.

When I look at all these changes businesses will have to make, it feels like a perfect time to make sure all these new environments are accessible too.

Accessibility Services’ Commitment to Accessible Websites

Here at Shaw Trust Accessibility Services, we provide website accessibility testing to make sure they are suitable for people using assistive technologies, or assistance in operating a computer and the internet. On Tuesday 12th November 2020, it is Purple Tuesday which promotes the purple pound. This is a term used for people with a disability spending money and how much it is potentially worth to all businesses.

Shaw Trust Accessibility services are a leading UK provider of digital accessibility services. They work with organisations from design until completion of projects and guarantee strict compliance with all accessibility guidelines. Visit Shaw Trust Accessibility Services for more information.

Disabled Spending is Important

£212bn represents the potential spending power of the 12 million disabled people living in the UK. Find out more at

By failing to make their services and products fully accessible British businesses are missing out a share of the “purple pound”.

By neglecting disabled accessibility it is currently estimated that they are losing 1 in 5 customers.
In 2014, the then Minister for Disabled People, Mark Harper, said:

“We want businesses up and down our high streets to realise they’re excluding more than 12 million customers and their families if they fail to cater for them.”

Time to Implement Accessibility

Therefore with the changes that have to occur 6 years on from the above quote, this is a shout out to all businesses to implement accessibility into your new business plan. Make changes physically and digitally to accommodate everyone in order to see your business grow. You will also get a big smile from the purple pound community. Look forward to your changes and please contact Accessibility Services if you would like further assistance.