In this busy world, it’s important to provide efficient and effective services; that’s why we’ve developed the Subscription Service.

Once you have obtained WCAG accreditation, we provide you with on-going testing and feedback enabling you to maintain your accreditation.  This means your developers and content designers have rolling support thereby reducing the need for retrospective testing and re-coding.

Testing your website to understand its level of accessibility is only half the story. Once you’ve updated your site to make it fully accessible, how do you ensure it stays that way?

Websites are dynamic. Content can change regularly and it’s often necessary to add or develop new site functionality. All of this can impact on accessibility.

The service enables you to maintain the highest standards of accessibility for your website or mobile app throughout the year and provides a monthly accessibility summary. Support and guidance from Shaw Trust Accessibility Service’s experts are also included in this bespoke package.

The package provides peace of mind for website and app owners who want to ensure their digital services remain fully accessible. In essence, it is an ongoing accreditation service that reflects your commitment to continuous accessibility.

Meeting your needs

The Subscription Service is a bespoke package designed to meet your individual requirements. In addition to regular testing and feedback, the service can also include appropriate training and consultancy for your web development team. This allows you to embed accessibility standards at the core of your digital projects.

Through the Subscription Service, accessibility can become an integral part of your service, rather than an add-on. Shaw Trust Accessibility Services provides cross-sector guidance and support. As such, our experts are available to you no matter what your industry or digital setup.

Our subscription package provides your users or customers with a continuous, accessible, online experience. At the same time, it offers the reassurance that your platforms will continue to achieve accessibility accreditation.

One small step can make a huge impact – put accessibility at the heart of digital design