Technical Accounts Officer

Blynyddoedd gyda Shaw


Anabledd ynghyd ag ychydig o gefndir

I am colour-blind and have a problem with “red and green” colours

Gwaith neu gefndir blaenorol

I have previously been employed in a wide range of roles outside of the Trust

Pam ydych chi'n falch o fod yn rhan o'r Tîm Hygyrchedd?

It is only when you see how a badly written website can affect some users’ experience, that it drives home the need for improved website accessibility.

Pam mae hygyrchedd yn cyfrif?

Accessibility should matter to people. The World Wide Web is a wonderful tool and should be used by as many as possible.

Sut bydd cleientiaid yn elwa o'ch cyfraniad?

Clients can see exactly what is wrong with their content, what barriers they are creating and how to remove those barriers.