Accessibility Assessor: Learning Disabilities / Low Vision

Blynyddoedd gyda Shaw


Anabledd ynghyd ag ychydig o gefndir

I have a severe learning disability and epilepsy due to Hydrocephalus (a build-up of fluid on the brain). I also have impaired motor skills and am partially sighted.

Gwaith neu gefndir blaenorol


Pam ydych chi'n falch o fod yn rhan o'r Tîm Hygyrchedd?

Helping organisations understand disabled people is a good thing to do.

Pam mae hygyrchedd yn cyfrif?

It means that nobody is stopped from accessing information that they want to read.

Sut bydd cleientiaid yn elwa o'ch cyfraniad?

They understand what it is like to be disabled and how hard it can be to use a website.