Accessibility Assessor: Keyboard Only

Blynyddoedd gyda Shaw


Anabledd ynghyd ag ychydig o gefndir

I have an Arnold Chari malformation and a Syringomyelia of the spine, which causes a lack of mobility. I also have a clawed hand which is caused by the lack of nerve endings on the left-hand side of my body.

Gwaith neu gefndir blaenorol

Port Talbot Council, R.A.F, Sony, West Glamorgan Housing, TRACS, National Autism Society, Shaw Trust.
I have worked in a number of different jobs working as an individual or as a team member. I have enjoyed each of the jobs in different ways but what I enjoyed most is the number of friends I have made along the way.

Pam ydych chi'n falch o fod yn rhan o'r Tîm Hygyrchedd?

Being a member of a team and working with a team with different disabilities has opened my eyes to the world outside my house.

Pam mae hygyrchedd yn cyfrif?

I like to help people who have a disability to interact with the person of their choice and gain knowledge through their computer.

Sut bydd cleientiaid yn elwa o'ch cyfraniad?

I feel if every client uses the information we have supplied their websites will greatly help not only the disabled user but every user that accesses their website.