CategoryeLearning Accreditation
Valid From25th October 2019
Valid To24th October 2020

Shaw Trust eLearning Accreditation

The above named organisation has created a series of eLearning Modules that have been assessed by Shaw Trust Accessibility Services. Any content carrying this mark has been tested by people with a wide range of disabilities and found to be accessible.

The Shaw Trust Digital Assessment and Accreditation process is rigorous. Over 60 hours of accessibility testing by users with a disability goes into each and every accreditation. This is in addition to a stringent technical assessment by our digital auditors. All assessments are carried out inline with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 A and AA  criteria.

Digital content is subject to constant change. This certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of issue, at which time the content must be tested again to ensure that the exemplar level of accessibility that it has achieved is being maintained.

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Additional Information

A sample of eLearning Modules was submitted for assessment.

  • Promoting Human Rights and Reducing Restrictive Practices
  • Risks, Rights and Responsibilities
  • Understanding Human Behaviour
  • Positive Interactions and Choices
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment and Decision Making
  • Personal Safety and Post-Incident
  • Safer De-escalation
  • Safer Lone-Working

A number of accessibility limitations were discovered and where possible addressed.

Some limitations include:

  • The product can be navigated by keyboard and mouse. The keyboard navigation is designed to be navigated by tab and enter. Additional screen reader controls should be avoided, and tab and enter used regardless of instructions provided by the screen reading software
  • Interactive scenarios – The software uses a third party to provide interactive elements that are not accessible by a keyboard. These sections can be skipped without affecting module completion.