Accessibility Services is a charitable enterprise with over 30 years’ combined experience in delivering high quality, professional accessibility services.

We work with central and local government bodies, private sector companies and charities across the UK and internationally. Our aim is to support organisations to create an accessible environment for their staff and customers.

We are part of Shaw Trust – a national charity, which has grown in reach since it formed in 1982 in the village of Shaw, Wiltshire. Originally the charity supported the few local disabled people from Shaw to help them find employment. Now Shaw Trust supports over 50,000 people a year throughout the UK and further afield so they can live independent and inclusive lives.

Accessibility Services provides guidance and support in:

Inclusion is at the core of our work and the dedicated team strives to enable disabled individuals to live more independently and engage in community life both on and offline.

As a charitable enterprise part of our aim is to educate and influence by increasing awareness of digital and physical inclusion in society. Moreover, the team understands the challenges organisations face and actively works to improve accessibility in society through the services it delivers.

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