Did you know that breast cancer can affect everyone? There is a great emphasis on women checking their breasts for any lumps, but we men seem to shrink into the background when breast cancer is mentioned. Both men and women have breast tissue, which means that both can get breast cancer.

Yes guys it is the big C word which means that we have to check ours too.

Male breast cancer affects between 370 – 400 men a year in the UK, however over 80 men a year die from breast cancer due to not knowing men can get this type of cancer, and not doing regular checks.

Highlighting the Importance for Men to Check for Breast Lumps

Personally, I did not really pay much attention to this, but whilst having other health issues, I mentioned to my GP that one of my breasts had a lump and he was straight onto it. However, as often happens when you go to the doctors and mention a situation, most times, they have gone within a day or two, which was the case for me.

Why is it that men seem to shy away from any lumps and bumps? How important is it to have any concerns checked out?

The reason that I mentioned to the GP that I had a lump, was that I have had skin cancer.

I had a spot on my temple that kept weeping, so by chance, I mentioned it to my doctor. They suspected it was most probably just some rough skin, but referred me to the skin clinic just in case. At the skin clinic, they said the same thing as the doctor, but took a biopsy just in case. 

A few days later I had to go into hospital and have it removed and have a skin graft. Just imagine if there were no ‘just in case’

So, this message is just as important for everyone. Check for any lumps and question things. This month there is a focus on breast cancer awareness, so make a special effort today for your breasts and remember ‘just in case’.

How Do Men Check for Breast Cancer?

For more information about the Walk the Walk – Men Get Breast Cancer Too campaign, please visit their website for the stories of 24 men who have had breast cancer and their advice on checking your breasts as a man.