Working for an organisation like Shaw Trust, where we pride ourselves on treating everyone fairly, equally and with respect, we probably have a much higher level of awareness of disability and how it affects people. We might also think we know about how to approach helping people with disabilities. A new series of articles may prove we have more to learn than we think.

Colleagues and volunteers in our Accessibility Services team have written a series of articles challenging common myths and presumptions they face in relation to their disabilities. The Open Accessibility series begins on the 18th of January with a piece by Mike who is an accessibility accessor and in 1997 he had an accident which left him with long term hearing damage.

Other articles in the series look at topics such as learning disabilities, relationships and work with a visual impairment, myths about visual impairment, and many more.

We are keen to hear your reaction to these pieces. We would also love to share your stories and experiences as a part of the series. If you’ve been inspired to share your story with your colleagues, please send either a draft or an outline to and someone from the team will be in touch.