Needs of the web project

Web projects are a heavy mix of needs: needs of the business, needs of the business owners, needs of customers and needs of the day-to-day user. All of which get rammed into a website as everyone wants their input.

The website needs to be consistent with the company branding. Colours need to be on point. Logos need to be clear. Strap lines need to be compelling. Content needs to promote the company as much as possible etc etc.

As the web project moves forward, other company stakeholders get involved as well; crafting and shaping their key areas of interest to make them feel better about the project and their department.

On the other hand there are web designers, who spend hours painstakingly crafting beautiful lush designs and layouts that elicit ‘Ooos’ and ‘Ahhhs’ and draw people in. They work up gorgeous, modern sleek designs that follow all the current design trends while matching as close as possible the client’s brief and expectations, before passing on for development.

The web developer takes the design, this piece of art and builds it in the best way he or she can, following the specifications they’ve been given. Rounds of tweaks and changes later, with people getting involved and giving their opinions late on, the site is finally ready to be let loose in the world.

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