Technical Specialist

Years with Shaw

Disability with a little background

I do not consider myself to have a disability.

Previous work or background

I have worked as an ICT specialist in both the private and charity sector and with clients and colleagues from various ethnicities and backgrounds.

Why are you proud to be part of the Accessibility Team?

I believe everyone has the right to access web information in a format accessible to their needs after all that’s what the aim of it was. After all Tim Bernes-lee the founder of the World Wide Web once said "The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect".

Why does accessibility matter?

I feel privileged to be part of a team of with people who instead of identifying their disability as a barrier choose to use it to test, Fault find and develop webpages to ensure equal access for all. I feel humbled daily by people’s positivity and am very proud to be part of their journey to ensure we reach our aims and accessibility goals.

How do clients benefit from your input?

My Role empowers organisations to view their digital material from the point of view of their diverse audience. This may include individuals with a disability, individuals who are not very tech savvy or tech minded or individuals who are may have age related impairments or memory issues.